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Our Story

We've loved every minute of our journey

With Johnson Protective Services, our passion lies in protecting each customer’s best interests — whatever, wherever, and whoever that may be. We provide world-class services, delivered by highly trained professionals who are inspired to serve at their utmost potential. We ensure this by recruiting, training, and retaining people who share our commitment to excellence.

In today’s complex world, security is much more than just being sharp in a uniform, they must also be well-trained to stand their post, patrol our communities and properties. Be ready and prepared for the Continuity of Operations, Disaster Recovery, Mitigation to Incident Response, Active Shooter, and Crisis Management. These plans should all be critical components of every organization’s overall security and risk management strategy. 

At Johnson Protective Services, we have experts to assist with planning and managing critical incidents you are likely to face. We are prepared to help with situations ranging from crisis management planning, embezzlement, workplace violence, employment backgrounds, executive backgrounds and due diligence, internal investigations, and litigation support.

Commitment To You

We pride ourselves by staying professional and having a "Commitment to excellence". When you see our officers in your communities you will see them giving you a 100% at all times. When you have problems, we have the solutions!

We are a company you can count on. When our clients call, we are ready to handle all their security needs. 

We get it right the first time, and aim to get it right with you. 

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